The Location

Quite typical for Berlin, the artist's studio is located in an old factory building. It faces the Viktoriapark, in the Bergmannstraße-area. Photographers, designers and artists have moved into their studios and are enjoying the working atmosphere in the middle of Kreuzberg.
The Bergmannstraße, with its many cafés, interesting shops and people of different cultural backgrounds, invites you to saunter, linger and observe. The perfect spot to gain new impressions before, or to relax after, a creative working session.
The Group

max. 4 participants
or individual lessons
Still life · self-portrait · portrait · free and independent working · studies of nature (excursions to the botanic gardens, the zoo etc.) · colour studies · material studies · nude painting/drawing · painting and drawing after originals (on location at the museum)

My Approach

Every person has his/her very own view of things. The subject of my teaching is to discover and to experience the artistic abilities, wishes and interests of my pupils, with inquistiveness, together with my pupils. Therefore, the main interest does not lie in the finished "product" but in the creative process. In that way moments of joy and self-forgetfulness come into being, made possible by concentrated artistic work.

Assemblage of the stretcher · stretching the canvas · knowledge of the materials (undercoating, painting substances, pigments)